Only the good stuff

Half the calories, quarter the sugar and all natural ingredients. Guilt free decadence made especially for you.

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What's Good?

  • Guilt free satisfaction. Dense and creamy ice cream from 103 calories per serving.

  • No more nasty sugar crashes. Only 3.3g added sugar per serving.

  • We're serious about keeping it clean. Our ice creams are packed with prebiotic fiber and non-GMO whole foods goodness.

  • We prepare and churn all our ice creams from scratch at our creamery, all day everyday.

What people are saying

  • @yogakylie

    John’s favourite was the hazelnut. He ate half the tub 😂 My fav was the vanilla, a good vanilla is very underrated. I loved the dark chocolate (it’s so fudgy!!) Perfect consistency, even after being taken out of the freezer and put back, it was still so creamy!

  • @kimmy_lsh

    One spoon full of the Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt and i was HOOKED. It is now officially my new go to guilt free late night snack.

  • @aliamior

    Dark Choc & Sea Salt is my fav icecream ever, you get the richness of chocolate with a pinch of saltiness. Just the perfect ice cream to binge on while watching romcoms on Netflix! And best of all it's guilt-free so you won't have to deal with a wave of regret when you finish one tub on your own

  • @abhaykannchan

    How is this low calorie ice cream? Super creamy and flavor dense, just how I like it. Love that it's made fresh.

  • @nicola_lim

    Vanilla bean is my go to. You'll find me on my couch with this after a long day at the yoga studio!

  • @azmirhamzah

    Could not tell it was 'healthy' ice cream because its still creamy and rich. I finished that chocolate pint in one sitting, and didn't regret it at all! 👌

  • @roselynmath

    I am obsessed with the Matcha & Roasted Mochi Rice pint. 😩 Didn't have a sugar crash. So creamy and didn't feel junky after.

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