Our Ingredients

Keeping it clean.

Fresh Milk

We use whole fresh Jersey milk sourced from local farms. Why? Simply because we want to take in what nature intended. Also, 'fat-free/low-fat' marketing are half truths and we're the honest kind.

Free Range Eggs

We like our hens free-to-roam. These yolks work as a natural emulsifer and are deeper in color due to clovers, grasses, and other greens that hens consume outdoors. The product of happy hens? Creamy, custardy & dense ice cream.


This naturally sweet compound is found in fruits such as grapes, peaches, pears and watermelons and works as an antioxidant. The best part is that it has zero effect on blood sugar levels. Is this the future of sugar? Absolutely yes. PS: Our erythritol is halal certified.

Stevia Leaf Extract

Nothing makes us more obsessed than how amazing our natural sweetener, stevia blend is. Grown in the himalayan regions and certified non-GMO, our stevia leaf extract is clean and pure. Guaranteed no aftertaste and no impact on blood sugar levels. PS: Our stevia is halal certified.

Fiber Blend

Our plant based fiber blend is non-GMO certified and good for your gut. Fiber benefits you more ways than others - lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer to name some. You get up to 20g of fiber in a pint of our ice cream. PS: our fiber blend is halal certified.

Valrhona Chocolate

Our chocolate is single origin sourced from Venezuela and blended by Valrhona. We don't hold back on good chocolate, its expensive but we know you are too hunny.

Vanilla Bean

Organic vanilla pods from Papua New Guinea, split and macerate whole into our ice cream base. Nothing artificial here, just good ol' vanilla.

Nut Butters

Our nuts are roasted low and slow, just the way we like it. All our nut butters used are stone ground, as it keeps all the good nutrients and full flavor intact.